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Menomonee Falls


Coach Brent's indoor training sessions

Check out Emerys Cycling, Triathlon & FItness Indoor Cycling Workouts

We train year round 3-4 days per week at our Lisbon Avenue location and 1-2 days per week at our Menomonee Falls location, generally outside of store hours. Computrainer sessions are different than these classes. Computrainer sessions can be done any hours we are open.

Indoor cycling class info below, Computrainer sessions info at bottom of page

Milwaukee (Lisbon Avenue) location info:

Coach Brent Emery presents his 26th Annual Winter Training Indoor Cycling Series. The workouts are open to anyone desiring to workout smarter, learn how to be a better athlete, improve your physiology, gain intimate knowledge of the many ways to pedal a bicycle, and develop great training and recovery habits in a time efficient manner, all while becoming a faster cyclist. Participants may do as many or as few of the sessions as their schedule sees fit. RSVP a few days in advance is highly suggested to be sure there is space available.


Participants should bring their bike, shoes, indoor trainer, riser block, yoga mat (for the workouts with Coach Brent), towel, and water bottle.


Emerys Cycling, Triathlon & Fitness Shops offers 4 to 6 workout sessions per week, 3 of which are coached by former world record holder and Olympic Cycling Medalist, Brent Emery. The 3 weekly sessions led by Coach Brent begin with 30 minutes of a yoga warm-up.


The 21 weeks long program is broken into 3 seven week periods.


Period 1 is 7 weeks of Base Work, laying a foundation.

Period 2 is 7 weeks of Building Work, becoming stronger and more efficient

Period 3 is 7 weeks of Early Season Race prep, challenging yourself ahead of the race season, but not at the cost of burning out later in the season.


Each 7 week Period is broken into two 3 week cycles with testing on the 7th week.


Week 1 is Speed, learning how to accelerate, add relaxation to your cadence and overcome force.

Week 2 is Power, applying Force and develop deep and relaxed power

Week 3 is Endurance, that annoying higher overall cadence that leads to success.

We put two three week cycles together and the Seventh week is Active Recovery and Testing.

Week 4 is Speed, learning how to accelerate and overcome force.

Week 5 is Power, applying Force and develop deep and relaxed power

Week 6 is Endurance, that annoying higher overall cadence that leads to success.

Week 7 is Active Recovery and Testing.

During an active recovery week, we do lighter aerobic workouts, more and varied yoga, more core. At the end of that week, we do a Power Test to see how our frequent participants are responding. (The beginning of week 1 is a 20 minute test, week 7 is a 30 minute test, weeks 14 and 21 are 40 minute tests).


Workouts at Emerys Lisbon Avenue location: Sessions are coached in person by Brent Emery and include yoga/cycling/energy drink/recovery drink. cost is $17 per session. 10 sessions for $150.

Tuesday: 5:30 - 7:30pm

Thursday 6-8am

Saturday 6:30-9am


Also at the Lisbon Avenue location are a number of Sunday mornings for a general 2 hour ride without yoga for $10 per session. Check our store Facebook page for updates.


Menomonee Falls (Main Street) Location


Wednesday evenings at our Menomonee Falls location the workout follows Coach Brents Tuesday format, but without the yoga. Cost is $10 per session. Some Saturday sessions will be added at the Menomonee Falls location after the first of the year. Please call and inquire for dates. Check our Facebook page for updates and weather cancellations.


Computrainer Riding at Emerys

Both Emerys locations have Computrainer stations available any hours we are open.

Computrainers are a virtual riding experience. Pick a course or road and 'voila', that is what you experience!  Ride up to 2 hours per session. Want to ride for 4 hours? Buy 2 sessions. Milwaukee has a 5 rider station, Menomonee Falls has a 3 rider station.

$12 per session per rider. 10 sessions for $100 Computrainer riding SPECIAL! $10 ser session 10 sessions for $75

ps: we also stock and sell Computrainers at best prices.



Run and Swim Training

Run and Swim Training : We are developing a network of where/ when members train together. We encourage team members to network for many other training opportunities together. Check out Team Emerys for more information.