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Training at Emerys

Yoga & Cycling Classes w/Coach Brent

Yoga & Cycling Classes    -OR-    Stability & Cycling Classes 

at Emerys Cycling, Triathlon & Fitness Milwaukee location.


Click here for training classes at our Menomonee Falls location

Click here for Computrainer sessions. Available at both locations during any store hours

Do you want to be a faster cyclist by spring?

If so, then join us for our yoga/cycling classes led by former Cycling World Record Holder, Coach Brent Emery. Over 30 seasons of leading indoor cycling classes, over 2,000 classes taught!

Yoga/Cycling Classes: Tues 5:30p-7:30p, Saturdays 7a-9 a. 

Core/Stability & Cycling Class: Thursdays 5:45a-7:30a.

2 Hour Endurance Cycling 8am-10am, Most Winter Sundays

Program Structure:

Coach Brent's 21 Week Program consists of three 7 week sessions:

You can do as many or as few as fits your schedule, subject to class space availability.

There are three Seven Week Periods to total 21 weeks from early November to the first week of April.

Period 1 is 7 weeks of Base Work, laying a foundation.

Period 2 is 7 weeks of Building Work, becoming stronger and more efficient

Period 3 is 7 weeks of Early Season Prep, challenging yourself ahead of the rding and racing  season, but not at the cost of burning out later in the season.


Each 7 week Period is broken into two 3 week cycles with active recovery and testing on the 7th week.

Week 1 is Speed, learning how to accelerate, add relaxation to your cadence and overcome force.

Week 2 is Power, applying force and develop deep and relaxed power

Week 3 is Endurance, that annoying higher overall cadence that leads to success.

We put two three week cycles together and the Seventh week is Active Recovery and Testing.

Week 4 is Speed, learning how to accelerate and overcome force.

Week 5 is Power, applying force and develop deep and relaxed power

Week 6 is Endurance, that annoying higher overall cadence that leads to success.

Week 7 is Active Recovery and Testing. During an active recovery week, we do lighter aerobic workouts, more and varied yoga, more core.

The first 1/2 hour of each session is yoga, the rest of the time is on the bike with some off bike exercises and plyometrics interspersed into some sessions.

Power Testing on computrainers: See how you are progressing. (The beginning of week 1 is a 20 minute test, week 7 is a 20 minute test, weeks 14 and 21 are 30 minute tests).

Power testing is also available as desired at any time by appointment for $30.

Tues/Thurs/Sat Fees: Drop-in's are $20 per session, 10 sessions for $150, 21 packs for $250.  Bike and trainer storage is $20/month. Trainer rental $5/session. Some rental bikes available at $25 per session.

Sunday Fees: Sessions are $15 drop-in and 10 sessions for $100

We have power testing on Computrainers available. 1 free test per $250 spent in training sessions, $30 per test w/o package.

Our classes are inside on your own bike and trainer...

no-one get's dropped!

We welcome all ability levels and we have a lot of fun. Our program is very technique oriented. You will learn a LOT and get in great shape.

Class spots go to; #1) Advance paid registration, #2) Call in's the day before, #3) drop-in's.

Some classes can have open slots, but we cannot guarantee space if you do not register or call in advance.

Available at the store on Lisbon Avenue in front of the store, in the lot on the east side of the building, on 100th Street, as well as overflow in the bank parking lot across the street.


Bring your bike, indoor trainer, riser block, cycling shoes, water bottles, yoga mat, 1-2 towels, and a fun attitude.

See you soon,

Coach Brent & crew


Run and Swim Training

Run and Swim Training :

We love the coaches at Tri Faster and P3.They do a high quality job and have been producing results for many years. Tell them that the crew at Emerys sent you. Thanks!

Link to Tri Faster

Link to P3

We are developing a network of where/ when members train together. We encourage team members to network for many other training opportunities together. Check out Team Emerys for more information.