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Clarification for Trek Recall on Ft Skewer of Disc Brake Bikes

On some Trek bikes that have disc brakes, some of the front quick release skewers need inspection and possible replacement. If your skewer lever has more than 180 degrees of travel, it needs replacing. Check this link to see the bikes affected. If your bike is on that list and you purchased it from Emerys, call one of our stores for an inspection appointment. If needed, a replacement skewer will be provided for free. You will also receive a $20 in store gift card, because Trek and Emerys always take great care of you!

GARMIN Vector & Vector S REBATE. SAVE $150 to $300, plus bonus pedal fitting!

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Dealing With Road Rage - It's best to avoid aggressive drivers. Look for escape routes or stop and get off the road. Confrontation rarely solves anything and often escalates the situation, so make every effort to steer clear. If you were threatened or put in danger, try to memorize the license plate and what the driver looked like and report the incident to the authorities. Usually, it's best to file a written report so officers have all the details and can take action.

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