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Today's Tip

Top Off Those Tires! - The number-one cause of tire problems is riding with too little air pressure (this happens because bicycle tubes naturally seep air). This simple mistake increases the risk of flats two ways (this holds true for road and off-road rubber): First, softer tires pick up more debris, which may work into the tires popping the tubes. Second, when you hit holes, ruts, rocks, etc., soft tires can deform to the point that the rim pinches the tube (between the rim and obstacle) and cuts it in two places, which is what's known as a pinch flat or snakebite puncture (because the holes in the tube resemble a snakebite). Besides damaging the tube, this impact can bend the rim, leading to an expensive repair. Under-inflated tires also lack the sidewall rigidity needed for safe cornering. And, too-soft tires wear quicker and are considerably harder to ride on. So, save yourself a lot of hassle and top off your tires regularly. We recommend pumping before every road ride and once a week on your off-road machine.

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