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Feature Items

  • Garmin Garmin forerunner 610 special edition

    The first to put GPS on runners' wrists just tipped off a whole new race. With a touch, tap or swipe, Forerunner 610 lets you get on with your run while it tracks all… [more]

  • Emerys Emerys Tri-County Jeresy

    Emerys Tri county YMCA club jersey [more]

  • Landice L7 Pro Sports Treadmill

    When you want your home workout to feel like the one at the gym, you want Landice’s L7 Pro Sports Treadmill. Under the hood, the substantial 4-HP motor powers the 12-mph… [more]

  • Emerys Emerys Silicone Swim Cap

    Emerys Silicone swim caps are VERY different from your typical swim cap. Most people who try them on make sounds like Oooooh..... Ahhhhhh, or say That's the BEST swim… [more]

  • Garmin Forerunner 920XT
    $329.99 - $449.99

    Simply put, Garmin’s 920XT is like having a personal coach next to you for every workout. All the training tools this coach possesses fit into a sleek, lightweight sport… [more]


New Items

Come see our selection of cyclocross bicycles! Selling Garmin Polar at great prices
Check out our latest selection of mountain bikes! Feel the difference on a new road bicycle! Crush it all winter on a fat bike! Ride in comfort with these cycling accessories!

Today's Tip

Crashes Happen, But Be Prepared Not Scared - Women getting into cycling often ask us about crashing, what the chances are and what to expect. We wish we could say that it's a non-issue, but most riders, whether they ride the road or trails, or both, eventually crash. It's just the nature of two-wheeled vehicles that must be balanced to remain upright. Fortunately, these crashes are usually minor, and as long as you're wearing your helmet and gloves, and riding within your abilities, you should only suffer a few scrapes that'll heal quickly.